Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Review

Release date: October 18, 2019

As the saying goes, “better late than never” my friend and I were finally able to see this movie last night.

The movie takes place five years after King Stefan’s death. The three little fairies are rushing to find Aurora who is handling affairs of the Moors. It’s been five years since King Stefan’s death and Aurora reign as Queen of the Moors. While she is handling the Moors affairs, Pinto (the small hedgehog) took her crown to lure her to Prince Philip who proposed to her.

Diaval report to Maleficent of the proposal to which she is against their marriage, not trusting of human like Prince Phillip.

When Prince Phillip tells his parent of his proposal, his parent suggested to host a dinner between both side with his mother Queen Ingrith insisting that Maleficent must attend the dinner. While his father wishes for peace between the two nation, his mother has a hidden intention in having Maleficent join them for dinner. In her hidden hideout, it seems that Queen Ingrith is having her men prepare for war, making irons bullets.

The dinner becomes awkward as Queen Ingrith taunt Maleficent which eventually escalated when King John suddenly falls into a deep slumber. Maleficent is accused of placing a curse on him which she denies and demand Aurora to leave with her. However, Aurora is in disbelief that she didn’t place the curse and refuse to go.

Hurt and angry, Maleficent flies off to leave but during her flight, she gets shot with the iron bullet by the Queen’s servant on the tower causing her to fall into the ocean. But luckily, she is rescue by another winged creature to discovery that they are her kind who has been force into hiding because of humans. She discovers that she is the last of the Dark Fae, descendant of the Phoenix, an ancient and powerful fae. Conall, her rescuer, believes that peace can exist among them and humans however Borra does not believe so, and want to retaliate against the human especially with Maleficent power.

The Queen minion finally developed the red powder that could ended the life of the Moor folks. The Queen plot to get rid of all the Moors folks, inviting them to attend Aurora’s wedding. Aurora eventually discover the truth and tries to stop her as the war between the humans and Moors folks/fairies begin.

All in all, a happy ending and peace was ensured between the fairies and humans. And everyone lives “happily ever after.”

Admittedly, I came into the movie without knowing what to expect but ended up enjoying the movie very much. Queen Ingrith is portray as the antagonist in the movie with the aim to annihilate the fairies of the Moors but truly, it is hard to define if her action were right or wrong given the suffering that she had experience at a young age that shaped her belief. To her, she was doing the greater good for her people, for maintain their survival (from ever having to experience her pain in her own kingdom) as she had seen how negotiation had once failed for her people. Pain and suffering do change a person, for better or worse.

And I like how it is reflected in this movie in how the protagonist and antagonist handle their pain and hurt that shapes their decision and choices.

But more importantly, I love the changes in Disney theme of “true love” because the truest love of all is that of family. Regardless of what conflict there is, at the end of the day, the love is still there which reflects in Aurora and Maleficent, the same can be said for sisters Elsa and Anna of Frozen.