Learning Through Lies

Sometimes I wish people could be more truthful rather than weave a web of lies to hide it, because the truth will always come out. Feel hurt, betrayed, and foolish to give them the benefit of the doubt to fall into their web of lies. But that’s life. You live and learned. You learned that there are no such things as coincidence in a web of lie. The truth is always there and will expose itself. You learned to be careful of who you can trust, who you can tell your feelings and problem to. You learned that not everyone in your circle, whether big or small is your friend. Some will use you, some will lie to you, and stab you when you’re not looking.

But through it all, like Shannon L. Alder had said:

Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you.

You learned that things are meant to be the way they are, for you to learn and grow. You learned how to distinguish the real. To let go of what you don’t need in your life and be grateful for those few you have. You learned to exclude yourself from people’s narrative because life is too short, and you don’t have time to play the bad person in anyone’s web of lies or drama.

So to those that had hurt, betrayed, and lie to me. Thank you for teaching and let me close another life lesson chapter so that I can focus on living and being happy.

Let’s Talk

Of all things I enjoy, this section is one I hold close because let’s be honest – life can be hard. More time than not. We have days that we fall hard and don’t know how to get back up. Days that we feel alone, like it is just us against the world. Days we are battling our depression and anxiety. Days that we laugh and days we cry.

There are times we feel trapped, like there is no one out there, not even our loved one or friends that we can talk to, that we feel like can understand us. I know that sometimes it feels hard talking to them more than talking to a stranger. Because we are afraid of pulling them into our pain as well as afraid that they will judge us.

Thus, often it makes us feel completely alone in our battle.

But I am here to tell you, you are not alone. You are not alone in your struggle. Somewhere in this big world, there is another reflection of you struggling the same way. I am here to listen and talk. Let’s talk about life, about our struggles, our problems and pain under anonymity.

Comment or send me an email and we can talk about it.