Jumanji: The Next Level

Release date: December 13, 2019

The premise of the movie is that the gang have move on from high school graduation, living and adapting to their college lives. However, they keep in touch with each other, agreeing to meet up for brunch at Nora. But the movie does hint that there may be relationship issues (with the possibility of breakup) between Spencer and Martha, making Spencer seemingly more withdrawn from contact with the gang (even though he is in the chat group with them).

Returning home to his mother’s house, he sees his grandpa Eddie (played by the always wonderful Danny DeVito) staying there due to hip surgery. Feeling depress and insecurity mount as the meeting up is coming up, he went down to his basement to retrieve the Jumanji video game that unbeknown to his friend, he kept.

As the group meet for brunch at Nora, they become worry about Spencer not showing up or hearing back from him therefore decided to go check up on him at his mother’s house. There, they met Spencer’s grandfather and his ex-friend Milo (played by the also wonderful Danny Glover) who came by to try and mend his friendship with Eddie.

The gang soon discover that Spencer has returned to Jumanji and decided to go save him, unknown that this time, Bethany was not able to join, and the game have pull in 2 additional individuals into the game. Grandpa Eddie and Milo, each taking in the avatar of Dr. Smolder Bravestone and Franklin “Mouse” Finbar (Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart), making Fridge take over Bethany’s previous avatar – Professor Sheldon “Shelly” Oberon.

Hilarity and danger ensure as they search for Spencer along with finding additional skills and new characters along the way.

Overall, I enjoy the movie the second time around. Much more so than the first. The gang is back and this time around, like a new next level in Jumanji, the cast and crew bought the next level of fun to it. It was double the action, double the hilarity, and double the fun.

New skills (strength and weaknesses), additional new character. The cast up their game in role playing particularly that of Jack Black, Dwayne Johnson, and Kevin Hart – playing up the roles of Fridge, Grandpa Eddie, and Milos while Karen Gillian still a badass no less.

I highly recommend. A must-see holiday movie guarantee with plenty of laughs around.

Love & Hate – Chapter 1

Ever since I finish reading MXTX – Founder of Diabolism (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation), I have become a big fan of her. I love her writing and the character she creates.

I was finally able to finish reading Heaven’s Official Blessing (her third novel) and I totally love it. I mean, you have a devoted guy who loved for 800 years. But aside from her main couple, she tends to write side story that truly gut you in the heart. From Yi City arc (in Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) to the Fate/Revenge arc between the Shi brothers and He Xuan.

The side arc of Heaven’s Official Blessing was tragic, and I couldn’t remember the last time I had cry my heart out reading a novel. I literally was numb for a few days, unable to pick up the next chapter especially when I love the character (and was sort of rooting for them to be a couple too).

And so, to have my wish fulfill, I decided to write a fanfic devoted to them. It’s my first BL fanfic so forgive me if it is rusty or bad. Definitely feel free to comment with tips and pointer.

Loud chattering and laughter echoes outside the shrine as everyone were finally getting their filled on the promise of chicken leg that they did not bother to notice the disappearance of the main host. Feng Xin and Mu Qing continue to bicker with each other to even notice whereas Shi Qing Xuan had notice but did not say anything.

“Old Feng, where are you going?” one of the beggars ask.

Shi Qing Xuan holding his bowl of chicken noodle turn and laughingly said he wanted some alone time to enjoy the bowl and view of the village. He hobbles over to a large tree near the shrine, hiding behind it away from the view of the others. His smile fade as he places the bowl down on the grass, staring at it as he cradles his leg together.

It has been a year and half since, but the nightmare was still fresh in his mind each time he was alone. In the day, he was able to surround himself with people, chattering and laughing to bury his mind away from it but it becomes harder to do so in the silent of the night when he is alone. He had lost a person he thought was his best friend and his only family was taken horribly away from his very eyes. His brother had committed a grave crime. Admittedly at one point upon finding out the truth, he had truly hated his brother for doing what he did but, in the end, he was still his brother and only did what he did because of him.

If anyone were truly to be blame, it would be him. It was all his fault to begin with, that it all happened the way it did. If only he wasn’t born, none of it would happen. If only he never existed.

“Ge” he mumbles under his breath.

Just as the word leaves his mouth, the bowl of chicken noodle on the ground was forcefully knock several feet away, shattering to the ground. The pupil in his eyes shrank, his face blanched for a moment as he looks left and right, afraid to find that cold piercing eyes looking at him like that day. But there was nothing.

Heaving a sigh of relief, he tells himself that it must have been the wind. “Of course, he wouldn’t be here,” he thought. Ever since that day, they have never met again except for the incident at the Royal Capital. Even then, he was under the disguise as Hua Cheng. He didn’t know when or how long he was disguise as Hua Cheng but knew that he must have been there under Hua Cheng’s request. What other reason was there for him to show up at the Royal Capital? His resentment, his hatred ran deep towards Qing Xuan and his brother to the point that he wanted the brother to suffer both in life and death.

But can the same be said for Qing Xuan? Can he resent and hate him the same way after what had happen? Qing Xuan wanted to hate him but the person he hated more than anyone was himself. He was the true murderer to He Xuan, the true murderer to his brother. It all started because of him. If only he never existed.

Shi Qing Xuan sighed and stand up, hobbling back to the shrine when he suddenly paused midway, sensing a presence nearby, eyes’ piercing at him. He turns back at the direction of the tree to see far past it, near the lake a presence of a lady. Blue dress as crystal clear as the blue ocean, skin as white as snow. Her beauty is as striking as Qing Xuan was in his lady form, yet she gives off an eerily smile chilling him to the bone. But in just a blink of an eye, she disappears. Thinking it was his imagination, he turns back and put on a happy face once more as he joins the joyous crowd at the shrine, indulging in the delicious food that they did not need to beg or fight for.

At the Nether Water Manor, He Xuan appear like a wisp of smoke, his face somber with a cold expression that brings shiver of fear to one’s heart. He walks to the alter of his loved one yet his eyes stare coldly like piercing dagger was the head offering in front of them. The head of Shi Wu Du that he had ripped in front of Shi Qing Xuan much to his horror.

Remembering Shi Qing Xuan offering, he clutches his fist angrily. He wasn’t sure if he was angry at Shi Qing Xuan or if he was angry at himself. He had taken his revenge and the Shi brothers are no longer his concern. He had told Shi Qing Xuan that they will never cross path again, but still come and check up on him from time to time.

He had given the brothers two option and since Shi Wu Du had taken the second option, he had kept his promises not to mess with Shi Qing Xuan’s fate. Yet who knew that Shi Qing Xuan would still end up the same way. “Even if he suffers, I will not let you win.” He Xuan thought as he stares at Shi Wu Du, remembering how he tries to take Shi Qing Xuan’s life so that both brothers can die together. “His life belongs to me.”

As night fall, Shi Qing Xuan and the rest of the beggars return to the Royal Capital, taking residence in the deserted temple of the Wind and Water God, stomach full and satisfy. No matter where he goes, he would either return to the temple or find another deserted temple of the Wind and Water God to stay for the night. It was the only place of comfort for him, the only place that he felt near his brother.

Shi Qing Xuan lay on the ground under the deserted statues of his brother and himself, pulling the hays over to keep him warm as the temperature drops at night. Although he is now a mortal, it did not seem like the cold affected him as much as the others even during winter nor was he probe to being sick like them.

Yet tonight, it was exceptionally cold to the point that even Shi Qing Xuan couldn’t bear with it, feeling like he was sleeping in a pile of freezing snow and his body was slowly freezing over. The cold engulfs his mind, making him wonder if he is going to finally see his brother. “Ge…” he mumbles under his breath.

“Lord Wind Master…” the voice whisper in his ear, their cold breath making his hair stand.

Shi Qing Xuan eyes pop wide open but immediately shrink in shock the moment he sees who was calling him. Earlier, he thought it was just his imagination seeing a figure at the lake but now he realizes that it wasn’t it at all. Staring at him is the young lady, blue dress as crystal clear as the blue ocean, skin as white as snow.

“Who…who are you,” he asks, “What do you want with me?”

“Don’t be afraid, my lord. I just need Lord Wind Master to come with me and help me with a favor,” she said, her finger brush slightly on his cheek.

A chill runs up his body the moment she brushes his cheek. He looks around to see the others shivering in their sleep and realize that she is the cause to the cold. She is a demon.

He chuckles hiding his nervousness. “I am no longer a Wind God but just a mere mortal. Powerless. What could I possibly help you with?”

“My lord does not need to worry. I can guarantee that my lord would be able to help me with this favor.”

“And if…if I refuse?”

“Then their death is of my lord’s doing,” she said unsympathetically, making the place feel much colder than it should be. “Or…,” she pauses, an eerily smile creeping up on her face, making him feel chill down to his spine, “Does my lord not wish to get his brother’s head back?”

She lifts her hand up, extending her palm out to him, waiting for his decision. She knew it was a bargain that he would not refuse. Holding his hand, she helps him up and the two disappear into the night.

Gone Too Soon

Sulli (Choi Jin-Ri)
March 29, 1994 – October 14, 2019

I woke up yesterday to see a friend’s post about Sulli’s passing. I was in disbelief, not believing how legit the site was, thinking how cruel for someone to come up with such a death hoax. But as the morning goes by, more and more news article rolls in, from CNN to SOOMPI, and the reality finally sink in.

My heart sink reading article after article of her passing. And even so, somewhere in my heart, I was still in disbelief that she was gone. Sulli, who was making a comeback as a MC in Reply Night and through my favorite drama Hotel del Luna, has taken her life and left us too soon.

Somewhere in my mind, the memories of Jong-hyun still feel new. And now, it was another goodbye. I still did not want to belief it at all. I want to close my eyes, hoping to wake up tomorrow with lies.

But today, the news remained. The reality was still the same as yesterday. Sulli has truly left us. Just like Jong-hyun, still too young yet gone too soon.

Articles after articles putting depression into accountability for her suicide but can we place all blame on depression for it or the people and society who contributed to it, who always scrutinize her no matter what she does? Who had hurt and scar her mental state to the point of exhaustion?

The anonymity of social media has created monsters that had hurt her, pushing her into a corner with no escape.

“Why is she like that?”
“She’s so lazy to wear bra, attention wh*re”
“What an attention seeker!”
“She talks like a middle schooler or high schooler that isn’t smart.”
“You left the group after getting caught up in dating rumors and came back in dramas, CFs, and variety without any responsibility for your actions. You got to this point with your face alone.” 

Negative comments. Malicious comment. Hateful comments that bears no responsibility under the anonymity of the internet, that slowly kills her inside. Malicious and hateful comment that makes her fearful of people, question her existence and why she is hated so, why she must suffer the hurt of others’ words.

And even now, upon her death, netizen do not want to take accountability for indirectly causing the death of a young soul, but rather shift their blames from her depression to her company to her ex-boyfriend. Malicious and negative comments to the ex-boyfriend, wishing he “die.”

We had lost Jong-hyun and now we have lost Sulli. Just how much more lives must be lost for people to stop with their negative and malicious hate, for them to realize that words can destroy a person’s state of mind. Words can cut deep. It can make them bleed, and worse of all, words can kill people.

As utterly sad as it is, all I can wish for is that Sulli can be free from the suffering she had endure, smiling radiantly without pain, and be truly at peace.


Hi there and welcome to my blog. As the tagline say, it is a blog of a crazy girl’s addiction to drama and life. I honestly don’t see myself as crazy but in case if anyone tell you otherwise, just don’t listen to them. Any who, this is a blog on all things I do enjoy doing during my free time, from drama and movie binging to food and travel to writing fanfiction. I mean, a girl can dream of her oppa and celebrity crush, right?

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