Nokdu Episode 3 Recap

The episode continues where we left off. Nok-du resurface from the water and quick pull his clothes back to cover his shoulder. He looks at the women who gapes in shock as Soon-nyeo grabs a rock from the water and throw it towards Nok-du only for it to fly over him and hit Mr. Admin in the head.

The women get out of the water and the Virtuous trio rush over, beating up the man only to realize it is Mr. Admin who has been drinking. He explains he only drink because he has finally met his fairy and ask Nok-du for the fairy robe (a reference to the Korean folktale – fairy and woodcutter story), making Nok-du almost about to punch him but Soon-nyeo got to it first, knocking Mr. Admin out cold. She tells them that he doesn’t remember whenever he is drunk therefore all agree to stick to the story that they had found him in the mountain.

Heading back to the village, Mal-nyeon keep giving Nok-du side glance saying she knows the reason for Nok-du refusal in bathing, startling Nok-du into thinking she knows his secret. However, she was referring to his flat chest, telling him not to be insecure that they’re small. (HAHA, I would love them to have more lady talk with Nok-du, just imagining the awkwardness since he’s a guy, LOL)

Minister Heo gets a report about Nok-du faking his death and suspect that he fakes his death to track Muwoldan (Muwol Corps (for short) the Widow’s assassin group) and must already be at the Widow Village, either hiding at the courtesan house or somewhere nearby. He tells his informant to have them look for him thoroughly in the village as well to have the Muwol Corps find his father and brother. Minister Heo wonders why he suddenly up again after all these times.

He recalled a minister telling him that he saw Jung Yoon-jeo (Nok-du’s father). Shocked, Minister Heo claimed that Yoon-jeo had died during the uprising but the minister claimed that it is him. Minister Heo tries to brush him off that he is just mistaken and advise him not to go around saying such things that would get him in trouble. However the minister informed him that he had already told the King who seemed please to hear about it, shocking Minister Heo.

On the boat, Nok-du’s father and brother are en route with his master and Aeng-du to his master’s hometown. His father wants to go to Hanyang once they are ashore however Hwang-tae (his brother) rejects the idea, telling him he would be in danger as they would be looking for him. His father recalls his mistake for not being careful enough when he went in land to find medicine resulting being spotted by the minister. But his father still wants to go find Nok-du which Hwang-tae question if the truth would still be buried even if he were to find Nok-du? His father does not answer and goes to thank Nok-du’s master for his help.

A guard report back to the King that he could not find Nok-du’s father and that the minister might had mistaken. The King says disappointingly with grim expression that he was looking forward to seeing this friend of his whom he thought he had lost during the uprising. (Ugh, it seems that both Minister Heo and the King are set in searching for Nok-du’s father, but I cannot tell who is friend and who is foes. Both men seem to want to kill him for sure. The King doesn’t seem like he is a kind King, but he does look pretty good looking, LOL).

In their room, Dong-joo question if he was going to sleep in his wet clothes. Nok-du asks if she can give him something to wipe himself off with, for spare clothes, privacy, and warm water, irritating Dong-joo who slammed the door shut on him as she leaves.

Wrapping himself in the blanket after changing, Nokdu spit out his drink at Dong-joo as she undresses for bed.  Nokdu tell her that she should warned him so he can prepare myself whenever she does this kind of behavior which Dong-joo snap back at him that it is her room. Nok-du counters that it is Lady Cheon’s room.

Frustrated, Dong-joo lay down and tell him that he can sleep outside if he dislikes her so much. Nok-du tells her that sleeping outside would make get the lip paralyzing, recalling his memories of laying outside on the beach when his brother come finds him to go home since their mother would be worried. He wonders why they got upset since he wasn’t running away to a different island but only got on the fishing boat because Hwang-tae was sick. Hwang-tae tells him that their father is someone who doesn’t get upset for no reason and ask if he is giving up his dream of being a general. The two brothers playfully jokes about their lip paralyzing, staying a bit longer at the beach. (Aw, I love their brotherly bond and hope that it remains stronger. Don’t want it to fall apart and Nok-du gets the blame if anything were to happen to their father.)

Elsewhere in the village, four women (Ssook, Yeon-hoon, Deul-re, and Jung-sook) are meeting in a room over a note about Nok-du fake death. These ladies are part of the Muwol Corps as Deul-re (the assassin that Nok-du followed back to the village) claimed that she saw him collapse and died from the poison. Ssook (who seem to be the one in charge among them) mention that a man was kicked out of the village which the other counter it was the same day that she had returned. Deul-re wanted to go find him but Ssook stop her, informing her that they are all involve in searching for him now per order.

Nok-du sneak off in the middle of the night (oh, it never gets old seeing a shirtless Nok-du), into the assassin’s room, looking for clues when he comes upon the outfit the Muwol Corps wears.

In the wood, the Muwol Corps are having a meeting about their mission as one of the them question why they were ordered to kill someone who’s not an aristocrat or a government official and who order it. Ssook tells them that only their leader knows the reason why. Nok-du wonders who their leader is as he eavesdrop on them, dressed in Muwol Corps outfit.

The ladies are being told that one of the men had tracked them to the village and they need to be on guard and pay extra attention at the village and at the courtesan house as he could be hiding there. They pass out the flyer with Nok-du’s face to memorize causing Nok-du to cover his face up as he continues eavesdropping on them.

Ssook let the other three finish the meetings with the groups while she leaves to go see their leader. Nok-du follows her but is caught as she holds the sword to his neck, trying to lift his mask with her sword to see who he is but Nok-du dodge her and escape.

Nok-du return back to the village in his female clothes and got startled for a moment when Yeon-hoon clasp his shoulder, only to take a leaf from his shirt collar. She questions why he is out so late which eh explain that he went for a walk since it was so noisy in the room because of Dong-joo sleeping habit. Yeon-hoon tells him that her drinking habit are no better. Nok-du excuses himself however Deul-re watches on as he leaves, finding him suspicious.

The next morning, Yul-moo is sitting in the yard with the gisaeng and Hwa-soo (Dong-joo gisaeng friend) filled him in about the rumor of the man showing up at the village and the widows are trying to catch him. Nok-du walk over to the group when a messenger bump into Nok-du, rushing to deliver a block of ice to Yul-moo. The messenger draws his sword to slice the block of ice while Nok-du looks on, asking Hwa-soo who he is, thinking he is a royal messenger. She informed him he is Joseon foremost … pushover, Yul-moo loyal friend.

Once the ice is slice, the messenger dismiss himself as Yul-moo begin shaving the ice away, making bingsu, smiling as he looks at the direction of Dong-joo’s room. Once Dong-joo comes out of her room awake, he approaches and offer her a spoon of the bingsu only to be slightly startle, seeing Nok-du appearing with his mouth open as he leans closer and closer to the spoon.

Dong-joo pushes the spoon into Nok-du mouth and runs off. Yul-moo watches her run off and recall a memory of their childhood of him running and peaking at her from over the wall as she makes something while eating chunk of ice. He had wish that she could have try his bingsu only to be startle seeing Nok-du finishing the entire bingsu. (LOL)

Dong-joo goes to her secret cave that holds her plan layout and weapons, complaining about her plan being foiled by Nok-du and thinks that the only way left is to enter the palace.

At the village, Nok-du enters into a building where some of the widows are working different jobs, concluding that the only way to get his answer is to go into the “tiger’s den.”  A widow comes charging in, telling Ssook and the other 3 Muwol Corps ladies about a man grabbing her hand as he thought she was Hwa-soo. She asks the ladies if they think she looks like Hwa-soon, the prettiest gisaeng at the village, causing Ssook to stop on her track, astounded.

The camera pane to show the widow being nowhere near Hwa-soo beauty. Deul-ri and Ssook tell her nicely that she is pretty to stop her from bragging further however Yeon-hoon did not take the hint and call them out on being blind only to have the other lady Jung-sook placing a finger on her lip to stop her.

Nok-du interject, telling the widow that she looks nothing like Hwa-soo, pointing out their difference like Hwa-soo face feature are like crescent moon but the widow is wide and flabby. The more he tries to point their difference, the more it ends up sounding insult angering the widow. The widow retort to calling him a drowning weasel causing Dong-joo to burst up laughing as she overhears their conversation. The widow grabs Nok-du hair, yanking him around angrily at him. Dong-joo tries to intervene between them but the widow shoves her to the side causing her to burn her hand on top of the stove. The other ladies tries to intervene and push Nok-du and the other widow away causing Nok-du to burn his butt in the process. (omg, it look like all hell break loose with him and Dong-joo jumping and flapping from their burns, haha! Definitely teach him about how scary woman can be. Nok-du needs to learn the art of how to properly talk to woman for sure, lol)

Elsewhere, Yoon-jeo (Nok-du’s father) wakes up and stand outside the porch, watching the pouring rain. The scene intertwines with Minister Heo doing the same at his house, who recalls that the rain was pouring just like the day Yoon-jeo supposedly died. We flashback to the past, Minister Heo and Yoon-jeo standing up on a cliff in the pouring rain, Yoon-jeo holding onto a baby (presumably the baby that the King had smolder in his dream). Seeing that Minister Heo lifting his sword up ready to strike, Yoon-jeo turn around to shield the “dead baby” when the baby cries echo in the rain surprising them both. Minister Heo put down his sword and tell Yoon-jeo to go, claiming that he will tell others that Yoon-jeo had fallen down the cliff after he had killed him with his sword. He tells Yoon-jeo to live as though he is dead (live like he doesn’t exist). Back to the present, the scene intercut between Yoon-jeo, Minister Heo, and the King. The episode ends with the King storm out of his chamber, saying he needs to go see Minister Heo. (Interesting, I wonder what is up with these three and who the baby is.)

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