Nokdu Episode 2 Recap

Nok-du follows the assassin into the morning and turn away when the assassin changes out of her assassin outfit into a simple hanbok before she enters the mountain which seem to be the entrance to a village occupy by all women (which we come to know as the Widow’s Village).

Nok-du appearance in the village startles all the women when he gets attack by three woman (Soon-nyeo, Bok-nyeo, and Mal-nyeon) who beat him up, accusing him of being up to no good in the widow only place. A beaten up Nok-du stood outside the entrance to finally see the sign “Widow’s Village, Off-Limits.” (My poor baby! How could they hurt him like that, lol)

Contemplating outside, Nok-du overhears a group of men discussing about catching the runaway widow on this only route to the widow’s village. Night falls and we see the runaway widow running through the forest with men giving chase after her.  She falls onto the ground to see a pair of feet appears before her, which turns out to be Nok-du offering to help her. He carries her into a safe hiding spot before he gets attack by a peasant. He kicks him down to the ground and question who he is when the widow pushes Nok-du aside. Turns out that the peasant is her lover.

They apologize to Nok-du for the misunderstand which he tells them that her father in law is waiting for them outside of the Widow’s Village until Nok-du informed them there may be a way for them so the widow would not have to go to the widow’s village where her lover would never get to see her.

Morning comes as the father in law along with his men waits to intercept the widow. Seeing the woman covering herself in a pink cloak walking up, the men all surround her. The father in law tries to grab the cloak away but she slapped his hand away, causing the father in law to slap himself in the face, resulting in a bloody nose (LOL). Angry, he pulls the cloak forcefully off to reveal Nok-du in woman’s disguise. (Oh my goodness, why are you so pretty!). The men apologize and let him go on his way, complimenting on his pretty. (For real, tell me about it. He…no…she is so pretty!).

Walking towards the village, he thinks back to the night before where he had second thought about it and suggest finding another way but the couple refuted him, telling him how pretty he is however he should work on his voice and his walk. To thank him for helping them, the widow gave him a golden frog figurine which he gladly accepts.

He gets startle when Mal-nyeon, one of the women (who beat him up earlier) tap him on the shoulder as he peaks into the village. He explains to her that her is from the Kim family in Hanyang, who was informed that this place gives protection to widow. The woman escorts him into the village, explaining to him the history of the Widow’s Village and that the only two way into the village is the main entrance and through the courtesan house.

The other two ladies, Soon-nyeo and Bok-nyeo, join them with one carrying a man over her shoulder. The trio women call themselves “Yeolnyeodan (virtuous woman gang)” who mission is to catch all the men that sneak into the village. The ladies introduce Nok-du (who is under the pretense of Lady Kim) to Lady Cheon Hae-soo, in charge of the courtesan house, explaining the give and take relationship between the widow and the courtesan – one makes wine and clothing for the courtesan and in return, Lady Cheon look after the village.

Lady Cheon tells them to let Nok-du rest and suggest he should stay with one of the trio which he refuse with the excuse of not wanting to make the lady feel uncomfortable and ask Lady Cheon to let him stay at the courtesan house instead which she agree to let him share a room with Dong-joo.

Their conversation get interrupt from one of the girl’s cry as she is being dragged by one of the lord/noblemen who wants to take the girl home with him. Dong-joo confront him that the girl is not a formal courtesan yet as she is only twelve years old. 

Lady Cheon reminded him of the law that he must wait 3-4 years for when the girl gets older. The nobleman pulls on a knife and grab the girl, wanting to cut her braid, insisting so that other men would not have her while he waits. He then points his knife at Lady Cheon asking if she want to sacrifice her hair.

Irritated, Dong-joo grab the knife from him, telling him if it is hair he wants, then he can have her. She say how important can hair be given that it can grow back in time compare to a little girl. She looks at him defiantly and cut her own braid as Nok-du look on.

A breeze blows at them and the two glances at each other, their eyes met briefly. (Man, they’re so pretty and Nok-du seem like he’s lovestruck, LOL). Angry, the nobleman orders his servant to teach her a lesson however they are interrupted by Yul-moo, Dong-joo childhood friend and chef. He approaches them and stand protectively in front of Dong-joo, acting understanding to the nobleman as the nobleman rages.

He put a pill into the nobleman mouth, claiming it is a evodia fruit that help calms the nerve. The nobleman complains of the bitterness and wants water which Yul-moo offers him a bottle that turns out to be vinegar. He claims that mixing the two together would make it poisonous which in panic, the servant carries his master away.

Lady Cheon apologized to Nok-du for the commotion and point to where his room is before telling Dong-joo to follow her. Nok-du watches the two walks away and wonder where he had met Dong-joo before. He hears a sound and turn around to see another nobleman beside him (who we come to know as Yeon-geun, the administrator of the Widow’s Village but I like calling him Mr. Admin instead). With one look at Nok-du and Mr. Admin seem to be smitten as Nok-du walk away. (Can we really blame him for being smitten. I mean, look at how pretty Nok-du is, lol).

Nok-du goes and sit inside Dong-joo’s room, wondering how to find what he’s seeking for, knowing fully that no one in the village would tell him what he seeks. He sighs seeing his reflection until he notice a sack laying underneath the dresser.

In Lady Cheon’s room, she reprimands Dong-joo for cutting her hair which Dong-joo counter that it hasn’t been long when he took one of the girls and sent her back to them dead. She gets rattle just talking about that nobleman before Lady Cheon dismiss her.

Yul-moo waits for her outside which Dong-joo tells him not to get involved again. He counters that he couldn’t do that especially when she leaves a will and disappear. He pulls out her will and tell her how worry he is. Dong-joo reminded him of his promises to not get involved and she warned him that she would leave the place if he keeps doing so. (Aw, I feel like I’m going to be sad for this heartbroken puppy in the long run).

Dong-joo return to her room and pushes Nok-du away when she sees him with her sack. (LOL, that just like payback when he pushes her down after they were free). She sees him holding a small pouch by his chest and wrestle him to get it back, making Nok-du shriek at where she was touching. (There is nothing there for her to touch Nok-du, lol). The two wrestles until she smacks him on the shoulder (LOL). The two bickers until he informed her that Lady Cheon let him stay in the room with her.

As much as she doesn’t like sharing room, Dong-joo warn him not to touch her things which he tells her he won’t and storm out. As they walk a distance apart on the same path, Nok-du recalls looking inside her sack to see the purple clothes, realizing that she’s the guy he encountered in jail.

As the two walks, they see Mr. Admin by the flowers and Dong-joo wonder what he’s doing. He tells them poetically about a beauty making Dong-joo think he was referring to her but instead, he was referring to Nok-du as he goes on his knees and give Nok-du a bouquet of flowers, telling Nok-du he is the one he was looking for, shocking them both. (HAHAHA, Mr. Admin had fallen in love at first sight at Nok-du. That is so hilarious, he is smitten).

Dong-joo scoff and tells them to have a nice conversation before walking off. Mr. Admin brags about his position and importance, introducing himself as Yeon-geun, the administrator of the Widow’s Village. He tries to hold Nok-du hand to hand him the flowers which Nok-du pull away. He walks away until an idea struck him that Yeon-geun manages the entire Widow’s Village.

Next thing we know, Nok-du has the map to the entire village courtesy of Yeon-geun, claiming that the map will help him become close with widow. Mr. Admin counters that he wants to be very close as well (referring to him and Nok-du) causing Nok-du run off. (This crush is going to be hilarious)

Nok-du walks around looking at the map until he sees a limping woman ahead. He recalls his master telling him that he can’t just resolve the issue by catching one or two of them but must follow closely and find their leader. He watches as she heads into a house/store and whisper that he has found her when Soon-nyeo whisper back that she has found him, startling him.

The Virtuous trio corners Nok-du and invite him to go for a bath so they can get to know each other better. Nokdu refuses and tells the ladies he is shy but his reason falls on deaf ears as Bok-nyeo carries him off to bath with them.

Nok-du continues to struggles as Bok-nyeo carries him until they run into Dong-joo. Nok-du tells them that he was going to go together with Dong-joo, hoping to use the excuse to escape bathing with the ladies. Bok-nyeo put him down and ask Dong-joo if they were going together. Dong-joo tells them that she was planning to go bath since her hair itches and join them, leaving Nok-du speechless. (Yeah, you are not getting out of this one for sure, lol).

At the pool, Nok-du pray to be rescue from the situation and tries to give reason to leave but shriek as every direction he turns to, he sees the women taking off their outer wear. Turning his back to them, he tells the women he has a skin disease therefore cannot bath. Bok-nyeo counter that it is a mineral spring pool so he would be healed from it. The trio tries to undress his top layer while he tries to cover himself.

Dong-joo walks up to him causing Nok-du to back away from her until he trips from his dress and falls into the water. He surfaces to see the women looking at his direction in surprises. Nok-du see part of his reveal shoulder and covers it up as Dong-joo turn away. Soon-nyeo grab a rock and aim it towards him.

Side Note: In the Widow’s Village, Nok-du is impersonating under the alias of Lady Kim but I am just going to continue to use his name in the recap instead of Lady Kim.

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